View from the top of Roag, Skye

I went for a wonderful stroll from my home to a small township called Roag. Roag ( Scottish Gaelic Rodhag) means” noisy place” or “Deer Bay” in Norse. The village is scattered with picturesque white cottages with spectacular scenery over loch Bracadale and the Cuillin range. If you look more to the left you can see the islands of Rhum and Canna. The grass verges are covered in beautiful wildflowers filling the air with sweet fragrance.

wildflowers on the verge
Oxeye daisies

Occasionally I would come across a meadow full of meadowsweet, which smells heavenly.

Wild parsnip with the Cuillin range in the background

Here is a poem I wrote last summer.

Flowers of Summer

Lady’s mantle sparkling with dew,

Speedwell shining an iridescent blue.

Shepherds purse speckled with white,

Lilac and gold, the tiny eyebright.

Gallant soldier and meadowsweet,

Honeysuckle balmy and sweet.

Golden ragwort the crofters’ foe,

Ragged robin with bright pink glow.

Cuckoo flower and tall foxgloves,

Majestic orchid and fox and cubs.

Slender thistle with purple blooms,

Yellow hues from hawkweed and brooms.

Regal kingcups and heath bedstraw,

Beautiful flowers with many more.

Colourful names with hues so bright

Light up our world with dazzling delight.

Exquisite fragrance fills the air,

Sue Wood

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Oran Uisge – Wildflower Meadow by Sue Wood | Waterstones