Dancing Ferns

Dancing Ferns Uncoiling their fronds and growing up high, They tremble and quiver and reach for the sky. Acid-green leaves, …


Haar glistening haar gently smothers the island white engulfing swirl @suewoodpoetry Haar is Scottish coastal fog, which occurs mainly between …


Snow gently swirling flakes float down from the sky earthly white blanket Sue Wood gorse flowers peeping through the snow

The Burn

The Burn violent rapids overpower the calm burn eternal conflict Sue Wood


Wilderness Wild Inspirational Liberating Daring Energising Refreshing Natural Enterprising Satisfying Spiritual Sue Wood

The Forest

The Forest fading shadows fill the vast woodland gloom with imagined spirits Sue Wood

Woodland Sunset

I took this photograph in glen Cannich, Inverness-shire, Scotland, on a cold winter afternoon.


Macleod’s tables and loch Dunvegan Winter the frozen loch reflects the mountains of snow winter’s iced landscape Sue Wood Iced …