tranquil waters

When troubling times come into your world there is always a special place where you can retreat and gather your thoughts. I have just a place, where I can sit and reflect on my troubles and ease my mind. My space is a tranquil place on the banks of a river near my home. Halfway along the river bank the track drops down to a grassy mound. This area is grazed by the resident sheep who, keep it like a manicured lawn. Positioned on the grass is a flat rock which, makes a perfect resting place to view the water. This is where the river widens and the water slows down and forms a large pool. The pool has a rocky backdrop covered with ferns, lichen and heather. I call this part of the river the “Silent pool”.

It is very relaxing watching the water flow and swirl into small eddies. Frothy bubbles float on the surface and sometimes form peaks like meringues. I can rest here away from the world in, silence and solitude. I can be lost amongst the reeds, dragonflies and the skylarks singing above the moor. While sitting in this wonderful place, I can feel the tension lifting away from my shoulders and I begin to relax. I can put things into perspective and realise that, my troubles are not so bad after all. Observing nature in a beautiful setting is like, a magical drug which fills your mind with happiness and contentment. I wrote this poem after spending time watching the water.

The silent pool

The Silent Pool

Rain shower rivulets collect on the moor,

Making puddles and streams, clean and pure.

Twisting and flowing across the ground,

A fluid cascade with a blissful sound.

Cool crystal liquid of amber and gold

Collect in the river, a sight to behold.

Gurgling down hill with a speedy flight,

Over rocks and rapids frothy and white,

Slowing now through the lower ground,

Quiet and calm, with a gentle sound.

Water so still and liquid so cool,

Lies the glass mirror, the silent pool.

Reflecting the Ferns and Lichen behind,

A colourful image, of nature refined.

A film adorned with ripples and rings,

This glowing liquor is shimmering.

The silent pool, which gives great ease,

From troubled thoughts; our mind it frees...

Sue Wood