A Sign of Spring

The snow has melted and the temperature has risen. When I visited the meadow this morning I noticed the first …

Holding On

As I walked through the woods near my home, I discovered this tiny fir sapling poking through the fresh snow. …

Hunter of the Night

Hunter of the Night searching the wild land during the darkest hours hunter of the night Sue Wood

Mirrored Reflection

The island has been covered with a thick blanket of snow this week. The light has been amazing with a …

Guiding Lamp

The full moon last night was inspirational, especially when the land was covered in snow. A truly special sight.

Sea Stack

Sea Stack vast skies and open seas, black stack dominates the view, a sentry on watch. Sue Wood


Snow gently swirling flakes float down from the sky earthly white blanket Sue Wood gorse flowers peeping through the snow


(photograph of local paddle boarder Claire, Glendale beach last summer) Eventide waves gently lapping against the shore of shadows tranquil …