White Swan

White Swan plumes of satin-snow gliding on shimmering glass ethereal glow Sue Wood Happy New Year to everyone and a …

The Opportunist

The Opportunist artful and alert eagle-eyed and vigilant the opportunist Sue Wood

Cuillin Sunrise

Cuillin Sunrise Mackerel pinks in a wondrous veil, Highlight the Cuillin’s colossal sail. Jet-black crags and lofty heights, A powerful …

Winter’s Crystals

Today I have been dreaming about cold frosty days and snow. Unfortunately, we have had lots of rain this Autumn. …

The Lochan

A lochan is a small loch in Scotland The Lochan high up in the glen lies the dark lonely lochan …


Forest Fading shadows fill the vast woodland gloom with imagined spirits Sue Wood

The Bothy

The Bothy The old stone bothy a lifeline for wary souls wilderness haven Sue Wood