Storm Ciara

Raging Storm Violent Waves crash against battered besieged shores showing no mercy.

Talisker Bay-Skye

Talisker Bay Talisker Bay Vast skies and open seas, Black stack dominates the view, A sentry on watch. SW

Reflections of Nature

I like this nature quote from Frank Lloyd Wright and it is totally true. If we spend time in the …

Skye Skies

“Skye is a magical, awesome place, with amazing waves, big skies and space”


Wilderness Thunderous skies overhead display swirling Clouds around threatening crags. Ominous mountains overshadow the glen, Watching buckling trees in the …

A Moment to Clear the Mind

Visiting the Mystical Bay The Isle of Skye can be a busy place during the tourist season. However, there are …

Island Shore

I wrote this poem after visiting a wonderful beach near my home. The beach was deserted and the only sounds …

Local Hero -Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill grew up in Dunvegan village on the west coast of the Isle of Skye. He attended Dunvegan primary …

Morning Dew

Morning Dew This is my moment to stop and stare, In total solitude with, no one to share. Sunshine beams …

A Birthday Promise

” We need awesome trees, to purify the air we breathe- plant trees, save ourselves” “I promise to plant one …

Isle of Skye

“ Isle of Skye “Mountains, Lochs and moors, wild landscapes and open skies, Pure clean air, to breathe“ Susan Wood

The Rowan Tree

The Rowan Tree Glorious and graceful, a tree to admire, Feathery foliage and berries of fire. Delicate leaves like friendly …

A Woodland Walk in Scotland

   Walking through the woods on a beautiful sunny morning in Autumn, can be a breath-taking experience. The sun beams …

Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory Red and orange, yellow and gold, An Autumn treat with hues so bold. Colourful flakes swirling around, While …


Autumn “Wild is the music of the Autumnal winds amongst, the faded woods” William Wordsworth

The River

The River “The bronze river flows over rises and hollows, singing forever” SuWoo “singing river”

Atlantic Storm

A stormy evening ahead thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Dorian, blasting from the Atlantic. The weather is due to …

Cuillin Range, Skye

“The mountains stand tall, watching the land stretching far, guarding their Kingdom”