I wrote this poem after visiting a wonderful beach near my home. The beach was deserted and the only sounds were totally natural. The gentle waves lapped upon the shore and as they ebbed they made, a fizzing sound. The water was clear and there were small pieces of green weed circling in the current. Occasionally, air bubbles would break the surface, I suspect from crustaceans hiding amongst the weed. There were several Cormorants diving and feeding apprroximately, thirty yards, from where I was standing. Several seagulls bobbed on the gentle waves. I was being watched by two common seals and I could hear them snorting and splashing. An Oystercatcher called an alarm on the small island facing the beach. The shore was sprinkled with various types of shells in different colours. I could smell the salty air and the seaweed lying, amongst the rocks.


I sat, silently on a rock and closed my eyes, inhaling the clean pure air slowly. I focused on the slow inhalation of my breath and then, the exhalation. I continued for thirty seconds until, I felt a calmness and a clearing of my mind. I was free from all negativity which, had frequently entered my thoughts throughout the day. I felt totally alive and fully absorbed in the sights, sounds and aromas of nature.

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

I love visiting this beach and enjoying the natural landscape, in peace and solitude. This is wonderful beach to recharge my batteries. Here is an excerpt of the poem,

I hope you enjoy it.

Island Shore

Golden glow of coral sand meets,

The crisp high tides brittle band.

Salty air, refreshing this place,

A natural vista and flawless space.

Sue Wood

cockle shell