Visiting the Mystical Bay

The Isle of Skye can be a busy place during the tourist season. However, there are many places where you can sit in peace and tranquility. A secluded beach, a wooded glen or a wild moor are all available to spend time to clear the mind.

Mystical Bay

I descend on the shore, in this eerie place,

With mystical feelings of solace and grace.

Upon the rise, through the flags of gold,

Three sacred graves of granite unfold.

Facing the sea, a comfort they sought,

The trio of graves, prompt reflection and thought.

This sacred place so, tranquil and pure,

A mystical bay, with great allure”.



I sat, silently on a rock and closed my eyes, inhaling the clean pure air slowly. I focused on the slow inhalation of my breath and then, the exhalation. I continued for thirty seconds until, I felt a calmness and a clearing of my mind. I was free from all negativity which, had frequently entered my thoughts throughout the day. I felt totally alive and fully absorbed in the sights, sounds and aromas of nature.

A cockle shell on the coral sand

“Tranquil moments”