Muddy Moos and Midges children’s book

Meet the wonderful animals and characters on the Isle of Skye in this charming rhyming book. Fisherman Tam who had his lunch snatched by a seagull and a family of mice moved into Morag’s wellies. All of the rhymes are enhanced by colourful images painted by myself.

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All the profits will be donated to Counselling Care Skye and Lochalsh. Supporting children and young people’s mental health.

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It is very important for children and young people suffering from poor mental health, to receive the right care and support when they need it.

There are times when we all need someone to talk to. Young people, like adults, can be adversely affected by difficult and stressful situations and may find it hard to cope. Counselling provides the opportunity to talk about things that trouble them, in confidence, with a qualified counsellor.

While the issues brought to counselling by children and young people vary from person to person, some typical examples are:

Low self-esteem or confidence

Feeling anxious or depressed


Relationship problems

Family difficulties

School or work related stress


Loss of someone close to them

Young people often talk to friends, family or teachers about their problems, but sometimes it is helpful to speak to someone who is not involved in their everyday lives. Counsellors do not give advice, but listen without judging and help the young person to sort out their thoughts and feelings. Together they can explore strategies to manage themselves and their relationships more effectively.

This is a vital service and needs support to continue helping children and young people.

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