There is an old gate next to my home which leads to the moor. There is an old sheep track that leads along the banks of the river. This is a wonderful place to walk if you want to be close to nature. One of my walks inspired me to write the poem Through the Old Gate; here is an excerpt.

Through the Old Gate

Through the old gate, which leads to the moor,

Is a wilderness, vast and pure.

A windy track weaves up the rise,

With heather and moss on every side.

I dip to the low ground, on the moss of green,

Which oozes water, translucent and clean.

Two burns merge on the lower ground,

Burbling and gurgling, with a calming sound.

 I rise again towards the brown crags

Where the grass is strewn with yellow flags.

I find a rock to sit on and rest,

And breathe sweet air as I look to the west.

This wonderful place is a gift to us all,

Drawing us back with its wilderness call.

Sue Wood

I lay my phone on the riverbank to film the clouds floating in the blue sky when, suddenly a curlew flew overhead with its eerie call.

A true wilderness

Flight of the Curlew SW