foxgloves on the nature reserve.

I took this photograph of foxgloves today. White tailed bees were regular visitors. Digitalis which are biennials, they grow their leaves in the first year and flower in the second year. These plants are used to produce medicine to treat heart rhythm problems.

The wild parsnip (Hogweed family) are now flourishing after a delayed start. The Spring was very dry with some late frosts. These plants produce a sap when gardeners cut them down. The sap can land on bare skin and can cause nasty blisters and burns, if sunlight shines on the affected area. I have seen the damage first hand on members of my family and friends. The flowers had several common red soldier beetles looking for mates. This beetle was mistakenly known as the bloodsucker beetle. In England it is known as the Hogweed bonking beetle.

Flowers of Summer

“Ragged robin with bright pink glow

Golden ragwort the crofters’ foe

Cuckoo flower and tall foxgloves

Majestic orchid and fox and cubs

Colourful names with hues so bright

Light up our world with vibrant delight”…..