Storm Ciara

Raging Storm Violent Waves crash against battered besieged shores showing no mercy.

Talisker Bay-Skye

Talisker Bay Talisker Bay Vast skies and open seas, Black stack dominates the view, A sentry on watch. SW

Moonlit Sky

Moonlit Sky ” On a still, still night, clear and cold, Skies are dark with stars so bold. The moon …

Skye Skies

“Skye is a magical, awesome place, with amazing waves, big skies and space”

Morning Dew

Morning Dew This is my moment to stop and stare, In total solitude with, no one to share. Sunshine beams …


Autumn “Wild is the music of the Autumnal winds amongst, the faded woods” William Wordsworth

Western Sunset

Western Sunset On this amazing eve with, air so still, I watch in wonder at this sight to thrill. My …

The River

The River “The bronze river flows over rises and hollows, singing forever” SuWoo “singing river”

Last Days of Summer

Red Admiral “Adorning the sky like tiny fires burning, lighting up our world” SW

Hedgehog Home

We found some animal droppings on the lawn which looked like hedgehogs. I have a good mammal identifier book from …

Butterfly Conservation

I received my new butterfly conservation magazine today. I joined last year because of the decline in butterfly numbers, here …

Summer Storm

What a stormy day yesterday, very wet all day, with high winds. The river Roskhill was thundering down the gorge. …

Tree Surgery

This conifer was planted when the eldest daughter started Dundee University in 2002. It was 60cm then and now it …

Whale Watching on Skye

Went on the Stardust Sea eagle boat trip today from Portree harbour. The sea eagles refused to fly down for …

Dunshee Garden

The garden looked beautiful in the sunshine today. I took these photographs. We have successfully grown this clematis up the …