White Flower

White Flower This pure white beauty Shines brightly in the dark glade Light within the gloom. Sue Wood Dreaming of …

Through the Old Gate

There is an old gate next to my home which leads to the moor. There is an old sheep track …

Pipistrelle Bats

Pipistrelle Bats Hunting in the air he swoops and dives after prey an evening gymnast Sue Wood


Mankind We are one species, amongst a million more, we should care for all. Sue Wood

Autumn’s Fiery Lights

Autumn’s Fiery Lights Autumn comes with cooler nights, Adorning the trees with fiery lights. Gaudy leaves swirling around While toadstool …


I visited the croft this morning and saw several spear thistles standing tall. They were attracting lots of insects; butterflies, …

White Swan

White Swan Plumes of satin-snow Gliding on shimmering glass Ethereal glow Sue Wood

The Opportunist

The Opportunist With bright pensive eyes eagle-eyed and vigilant An opportunist Sue Wood