I visited the croft this morning and saw several spear thistles standing tall. They were attracting lots of insects; butterflies, …

White Swan

White Swan Plumes of satin-snow Gliding on shimmering glass Ethereal glow Sue Wood

The Opportunist

The Opportunist With bright pensive eyes eagle-eyed and vigilant An opportunist Sue Wood

√íran Uisge Wildflower Meadow

√íran Uisge Wildflower Meadow is my second poetry book published by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd and will be released on …

Nature and Tranquility

We created a wildlife pond in the garden two years ago. We were amazed at how quickly amphibians and insects …

Dancing Ferns

After a walk in Dunvegan woods I was inspired to write this poem “Dancing Ferns“. Here is an excerpt. Dancing …

Timeless Flow

The river flows gently towards the sea, ceaselessly providing us with the tranquil sound of its journey. A perfect place …


Nature traNquility enchAnting theaTrical natUral vibRant bejewElled Sue Wood