Yellow flag iris

We created a wildlife pond in the garden two years ago. We were amazed at how quickly amphibians and insects moved in. We surrounded the pond with as many wildflower species as possible. Two of my favourites are yellow flag iris and fox and cubs (see images).

Sitting next to the pond on a warm Summer evening, watching the reflections in the water is very relaxing. I made a short video to remind me of tranquil nature. There is a background sound, which is the river in full spate, after heavy rain. You can hear the song birds singing in the trees whilst, watching the whirlygig beetles spinning on the surface of the pond, causing ripples.

fox ans cubs

I observed this moth resting on a reed in the pond. I discovered it is a narrow-bordered bee hawk-moth. I have lived in this house for 24 years and this is the first time I have ever seen one. Adding a wildlife pond to the garden attracts some amazing insects.

narrow-bordered bee hawk-moth

Spend time in nature to heal your mind, body and soul”.