Wildflowers on the meadow

I would like to introduce you to my second nature blog called moodymeadowblog.com

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Moody Meadow is a peaceful place to watch the bees and butterflies foraging for food, to enjoy fragrance from the wildflowers which fills the air and to listen to the abundance of songbirds. The river flows gently towards the sea, ceaselessly providing us with the tranquil sound of its journey. The meadow changes constantly as the seasons turn.

Spending time in nature affects our moods and stimulates our senses. Whether it is the warm breeze touching our skin, the scents from orchids ascending through the air, the song of a skylark overhead, the sight of dark clouds with the threat of Summer rain or the taste of the blackberry harvest. Moody Meadow is a perfect environment to lose yourself in nature and in the moment.

Moody Meadow blog is a collection of photographs, videos, artwork, poetry and sounds all inspired by time spent on this beautiful wildflower meadow.

Common carder bumble bee

“Freefall into nature and embrace it. A true companion for life”