A Stroll at Dusk

I went for a short stroll up the Roskhill lane to the viewpoint. The sunset was amazing with wonderful hues …

The Skylark Returns

The skylark has returned to the moor. His song is a wonderful reminder that Spring is here. A time to …


“Love Skye-Love Nature-Love Life” The Isle of Skye has dramatic mountains, wild glens and amazing seascapes; it offers a varied …

Winter Morning

The Natural World “Spend time in nature, it heals your mind, body and soul’ a lifelong friendship”

Storm Ciara

Raging Storm Violent Waves crash against battered besieged shores showing no mercy.

Talisker Bay-Skye

Talisker Bay Talisker Bay Vast skies and open seas, Black stack dominates the view, A sentry on watch. SW

Skye Skies

“Skye is a magical, awesome place, with amazing waves, big skies and space”


Wilderness Thunderous skies overhead display swirling Clouds around threatening crags. Ominous mountains overshadow the glen, Watching buckling trees in the …