Cuillin Sunrise

Cuillin Sunrise Mackerel pinks in a wondrous veil, Highlight the Cuillin’s colossal sail. Jet-black crags and lofty heights, A powerful …

Live in the Moment

I took this photograph at 3.45pm this afternoon on the west coast of Skye. Truly breathtaking!


Cascade Silver ribbons fall into the bubbling caldron effervescent spume Sue Wood

Ancient Broch

I visited Dun Beag Broch on Sunday and loved the wonderful views over loch Bracadale. The broch stands on a …

Nature’s Patterns

Nature Nature fills our world with bright beautiful patterns wild decorations Sue Wood Top row- underside of a snowdrop and …

Simply Autumn

Autumn in Scotland is a sight to behold! All of the photographs are my own.

The Rowan Tree

The Rowan Tree Glorious and graceful, with a striking pose, From a tiny seed, you grew and rose. Delicate leaves …