I enjoyed a stroll through the woods yesterday evening. The birds were settling down for the night but, not before …

Masters of the Sky

The sky is full of swallows feeding in a frenzy as the insects rise in the warm air. Swallows swift …

The Plumed Spectre

The Plumed Spectre Passing the moon’s orb floating on the silent air the night’s plumed spectre Sue Wood

White Flower

White Flower This pure white beauty Shines brightly in the dark glade Light within the gloom. Sue Wood


I walked along the river bank near my home this morning. The sun was shining and the air was fresh …

The Village

The Village The tranquil bay shelters snow-white homes and fishing boats a west coast haven Sue Wood The lighthouse was …

The Broch

I visited Dun Beag Broch on Sunday and loved the spectacular views over loch Bracadale. The broch is an iron …

Trees for Life

Trees for Life We depend on trees to sustain life in this world care for trees for life Sue Wood