The Forest

The Forest fading shadows fill the vast woodland gloom with imagined spirits Sue Wood

White Swan

White Swan plumes of satin-snow gliding on shimmering glass ethereal glow Sue Wood Happy New Year to everyone and a …

Diamond Lights

Diamond Lights Iridescent glow sharp shards glint in the suns rays diamond lights shimmer Sue Wood My second poetry book …


Macleod’s tables and loch Dunvegan Winter the frozen loch reflects the mountains of snow winter’s iced landscape Sue Wood Iced …

The Opportunist

The Opportunist artful and alert eagle-eyed and vigilant the opportunist Sue Wood

Rubies and Ice

hawthorn berries covered in frost The last of the autumn berries are shining brightly to light up this dull afternoon. …


Cascade Silver ribbons fall into the bubbling caldron effervescent spume Sue Wood

The Lochan

A lochan is a small loch in Scotland The Lochan high up in the glen lies the dark lonely lochan …