White Flower

White Flower This pure white beauty Shines brightly in the dark glade Light within the gloom. Sue Wood Dreaming of …

Sacred Bay

Sacred Bay Three sacred graves lie facing the restless ocean in this sacred bay Sue Wood

Wonders of Winter

Wonders of Winter Bright diamond light shines Sharp shards glint in the daylight iridescent glow Sue Wood


Snowflakes Swirling and twisting Gently floating from the sky Coating the chilled land. Sue Wood

Trees for Life

Trees for Life We depend on trees to sustain life in this world care for trees for life Sue Wood …

Pipistrelle Bats

Pipistrelle Bats Hunting in the air he swoops and dives after prey an evening gymnast Sue Wood


Mankind We are one species, amongst a million more, we should care for all. Sue Wood

Scots Pine

Old Scots Pine High up in the glen Arching branches spreading wide Standing strong with pride Sue Wood