Patterns of Nature

Nature creates wonderful patterns which, enrich our world. While, walking through the woods today, after heavy rain, I found patterns …

The Broch

I visited Dun Beag Broch on Sunday and loved the wonderful views over loch Bracadale. The broch stands on a …

Old Croft House

Two Sister’s Croft House The old grey walls with the flaking door, Gossamer windows hide rooms to explore. A crack …

Sea Glass

I went for a walk to Orbost beach yesterday where, I found a selection of sea glass. Sea Glass Discarded …

Blowing a Hooley

Wet stormy day today! Blowing a Hooley Horizontal rain, buckling trees bend and snap, as the wild wind howls.


Cuillin Colossal crags soar veiled in swirling cloud and mist vast mighty fortress Sue Wood

Monarch of the Glen

This magnificent beast graces the glens with his power and might. Monarch of the Glen Great crown of antlers guarding …


Wilderness Wild and untamed glens, offer adventure and sport for all free spirits