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Island Shore

The coral is actually not coral but, a dried, calcified seaweed known as maerl. The small island opposite the beach …

Dance of the Barn Owls

Dance of the Barn Owls The evening draws nigh and the stage is set, An inspired portrayal awaits us yet. …


Nature traNquility enchAnting theaTrical natUral vibRant bejewElled Sue Wood

May Morning

A beautiful May morning, my favourite time of year. Images taken around my home here on the Isle of Skye …


I walked along the river bank near my home this morning. The sun was shining and the air was fresh …

Skye Skies

Skye Skies Vast magical skies envelop this misty isle constantly changing Sue Wood

Piper’s Cave

Piper’s Cave Beneath the sheer cliffs Lies the Piper’s cave A peaceful haven SW

The Silent pool

When troubling times come into your world there is always a special place where you can retreat and gather your …