Simply Autumn

Autumn in Scotland is a sight to behold! All of the photographs are my own.

The Rowan Tree

The Rowan Tree Glorious and graceful, with a striking pose, From a tiny seed, you grew and rose. Delicate leaves …

Autumn’s Fiery Lights

Autumn’s Fiery Lights Autumn comes with cooler nights, Adorning the trees with fiery lights. Gaudy leaves swirling around While toadstool …

Silver Birch

Silver Birch Snowy branches glow against vibrant golden leaves dancing in the breeze Sue Wood

Woodland Walk

The woods are full of Autumn interest in Dunvegan, Skye. Fabulous Fungi Tremendous Trees

Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory Red and orange, yellow and gold, An Autumn treat with hues so bold. Colourful flakes swirling around, While …


Autumn “Wild is the music of the Autumnal winds amongst, the faded woods” William Wordsworth