Cuillin Range, Skye

“Love Skye-Love Nature-Love Life”

Skyenatureblog provides a poetic journey through the seasons describing the natural beauty of the island through, prose, poetry, art, photographs and videos.

The Isle of Skye has dramatic mountains, wild glens and amazing seascapes; it offers a varied wilderness for free spirits. There is an abundance of hidden places full of native trees, wildflowers and wildlife to enjoy, in peace and tranquility. This sensational Island changes constantly through the seasons, with wild Atlantic storms, snowy mountains and balmy Summer nights with spectacular skies. The Summer wildflowers provide a colourful feast for insects, which feed the many species of songbirds, both native and Summer visitors.

Mindfulness – destressing – mental well-being – wilderness – forest bathing- star gazing- back to nature

I hope you enjoy the journey.

Red admiral, Òran Uisge wildflower meadow

The Natural World

“Spend time in nature,

it heals your mind, body and soul

A lifelong friend”


Òran Uisge Wildflower Meadow

Òran Uisge (Gaelic for song of water) is a wildflower meadow that runs along the banks of the river Roskhill. The meadow has over 50 varieties of wildflowers, which first appear in May right through to late September. These range from a sea of bluebells in May, three types of orchids in June and July and meadowsweet and common valerian in late summer. The scents from the flowers can be intoxicating and can lift your spirits. Òran Uisge was my inspiration for and my poetry. Please visit my website :

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     I enjoy writing this blog because I am passionate about nature. I would like to inspire others to be passionate too. The love of nature is a wonderful gift that, gives you free pleasure for your entire life. It is vital that we all look after the natural world in our own environment.

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A Special Gift

The greatest gift you can give to a child is, a love of the natural world-
The only cost to you is time.


I commissioned a local company to build a studio on the meadow as a dedicated writing and art studio, which was completed in October 2022

Òran Uisge studio

Why I chose the name Òran Uisge

I first visited the Isle of Skye over 40 years ago and the first gaelic word I heard was uisge, which means water. The gaelic word Òran means song. This is the title of my favourite Capercaille (band) song. The two words together describe the river Roskhill as it gently flows passed the meadow on its journey to the sea. A soothing tranquil song.

“If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere”

Vincent Van Gogh