February 2023


(photograph of local paddle boarder Claire, Glendale beach last summer) Eventide waves gently lapping against the shore of shadows tranquil …

Wild Isle Haiku New Book

Wild Isle “ fierce Atlantic storms, ominous mountains, lochs with restless tides, eagles soaring on high, vast wilderness” Wild Isle …


Snowdrops luminous white light glows under the dappled shade a promise of spring Sue Wood

The Burn

The Burn violent rapids overpower the calm burn eternal conflict Sue Wood

The Moon

The Moon the bright moon lies low shining in the darkest sky natures guiding lamp Sue Wood


Wilderness Wild Inspirational Liberating Daring Energising Refreshing Natural Enterprising Satisfying Spiritual Sue Wood

The Otter

One of my favourite animals is the otter. This stemmed from my childhood after watching the film Ring of Bright …