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The dawn chorus woke me up at 3.00am on Saturday 4th June as the sun rose behind the pine trees in the meadow. It was such a beautiful morning I decided to go for an early morning stroll along the lane. There was a slight mist hanging over the meadow which made the gossamer glisten like diamonds while reflecting the sunbeams.

bluebells and pignut from the alder trees

As I reached the old stone bridge which spans the river, the birdsong became more intense. I prepared my phone to record this amazing sound of nature. and left it on the bridge. I continued to walk to the top of the lane.

Recording of bird song

river Roskhill from the bridge

Here is an excerpt from a poem I wrote two years ago called ” Morning Dew” from my poetry Book

Oran Uisge Wildflower Meadow.

Morning Dew

This is a moment to stop and stare,

In total solitude with no one to share.

Sunshine beams with rays so clear,

Breath clouds rise in the cold dawn air.

Delicate mist swirls and floats,

Glistening the flowers’ watery coats.

Strings of gossamer crisscross the lea,

Like jewelled necklaces for all to see…

Sue Wood

Oran Uisge – Wildflower Meadow by Sue Wood | Waterstones