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The chimney sweeper moth flies during the daytime. throughout the months of June and July. The wing length is between 24-30 mm. They fly close to the ground and feed on pignut, where they lay their eggs.

The caterpillars feed on pignut too.

creamy pignut and red campion

Last summer i was sitting in the meadow listening to the birds singing when I noticed a small black moth, feeding on the pigut flowers. I was fascinated and decided to do some research and discovered lots of information. I decided to write the following poem.

Chimney Sweeper Moth

Jet-black wings drift with grace,

Sooty flashes embellish this place.

Diamond tips, bright and on view,

Glint in the meadow; a vibrant hue.

Frothy pignut with creamy foam,

Your feeding larder and favoured home.

You flutter and fly near to the ground,

On the wildflower lea, where you are found.

Sue Wood

Chimney Sweeper Moth by SW (pastels)

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