Talisker Bay

Talisker bay is one of my favourite beaches on Skye and has; a beautiful beach, views of the islands, massive sea cliffs and an impressive sea stack. It is a truly amazing place to visit.

After parking the car a track leads through a gate and the lane passes Talisker House which dates back to 1720 and was left to the next in line to MacLeod of MacLeod ( Dunvegan castle). The track continues and is lined with mature trees on the right. There is an impressive mountain called Preshal Mòr on the left.

Preshal Mòr

The track rises slightly and dotted with lambs and sheep in Spring. The track opens up to the magnificent vista of Talisker bay with perfect round rocks and pebbles and an expanse of perfect sand. The northern side of the bay is hemmed in by vertical cliffs and an impressive waterfall. Several years ago we were sitting on the beach when we heard a huge crash, as part of the cliffs collapsed. On the left side of the bay is an impressive sea stack, which you can explore at low tide.

I wrote this Haiku after visiting the bay.

Talisker Bay

Vast skies and open seas,

black stack dominates the view,

a sentry on watch.

Sue Wood

Sea stack