Glen sligachan, Skye

I went for a walk in Glen Sligachan on Saturday. The air was clear with storm clouds racing from behind the Cuillin range. I could hear the ravens rattling out their call as they circled the crags. On the way back I saw a golden eagle flying overhead. I watched until this amazing bird became a tiny speck in the sky as he flew towards the Cuillins. Glen Sligachan is a true wilderness.


Thunderous clouds are gathering on high,

While golden eagles screech out their cry.

Ominous mountains dominate the land,

Enormous statues; colossal they stand.

The ravens circle and rattle their call,

As they rise on the thermals before they fall.

A wild place of freedom; a site to hide,

Where powerful raptors hunt and reside.

Sue Wood

Photo by Samrat Maharjan on