Dawn Chorus SW

I decided to write this post in celebration of

The Dawn Chorus.

If you are anxious about life’s circumstances due to the pandemic and you are having problems sleeping, follow these four steps;

Make a warm drink

Sit in your favourite chair

Open the window wide

Wait for the dawn chorus

Feel your anxiety fade away as you enjoy nature’s special gift.

Photo by Radovan Zierik on Pexels.com

I wrote this poem after listening to the dawn chorus in my garden

The Chorus at Dawn

May is the month to cherish each year,

with the dawn chorus, birds love to share.

From breaking light, they start their trill,

With this blissful choir, our hearts will thrill.

The blackbird and robin start their call,

With many followers big and small.

They fill the meadow with tunes, so sweet,

An orchestral performance could not compete…

Sue Wood

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com