Ragged Robin

Part of our croft is a wildflower meadow and wildlife reserve which, we named Òran Uisge (Gaelic for song of water)

Òran Uisge runs along the banks of the river Roskhill. The meadow is part of the original croft which, we bought four years ago. The croft, Number 1 Roskhill has not been grazed by livestock for over 20 years.

The meadow has over 50 varieties of wildflower, which first appear in May right through to late September. These range from a sea of bluebells in May, three types of orchid in June and July and meadowsweet and common valerian in late Summer. The scents from the flowers can be intoxicating and can lift your spirits. Òran Uisgwas my inspiration for skyenatureblog.com and my poetry.

Wildflower Meadow

Òran Uisge you haven of peace,

Surrounding my form with a silken fleece.

Your flowers burst from an emerald sea,

Amazing my eyes with the beauty I see.

A spectrum of colour in the early dawn light,

Brings warmth to my mood from floral delight.

I wish you could last for the whole of the year,

But alas, you cannot and the loss I must bear.

Farewell until Spring when you reappear,

In a carpet of hues, a gift to bring cheer.

Sue Wood