Loch Dunvegan at low tide

I love to go down to the shore to see what has been washed up. I found a pair of creel floats washed up on the shore, after the last storm.

creel floats

As I looked closely at the sand, I could see millions of tiny pieces of ; coral, pebbles, seaweed and shells. Oh, on closer inspection I can see a tiny piece of sea glass too


This huge piece of driftwood lay on the high tide line. I wonder how long it had been drifting around the ocean before, it landed on this shore? If you look very closely, you can see a small snail resting on the top.

As I wandered around the shore I discovered this crystal-clear rockpool, shimmering under the sun. You can hear the waves in the background.

Crystal-clear rockpool
Harbour seals

These amzing harbour seals were basking in the sun at low tide. One slid into the sea but, kept his eye on me. They were resting on one of the small islands in Loch Dunvegan.