Photo by JOHNY REBEL, the Explorer Panda on

Harbour Seals

Their deep soulful eyes

watching the expanse of ocean,

basking in the sun.

Harbour seal, Loch Dunvegan, Skye.

Loch Dunvegan has a healthy seal colony numbering about 500. There are two types of seal which are; Harbour seal or Common seal and Grey seal. They can be seen lying on the shores of the small islands dotted around the loch. You can see them swimming in the shallow waters around the shoreline. When sea kyackers paddle in the loch there are usually several seals inquisitive seals following in the wake.

Dunvegan castle offers seal boat trips on the loch. They last for approximaely 25 minutes and allow visitors to observe the seals at close proximity(2 meters away).

Here is a video preduced by Dunvegan castle

Loch Dunvegan