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In these troubled times our lives can feel suffocating, with the walls closing in and having no control which, can be frightening.

I wrote this poem to offer hope for the future.


Drifting, swirling, wishing to flee,

How many years have you been at sea?

Washed upon shores, abandoned on sands,

Restless tides and unknown lands.

Battered by waves in different seas,

You can’t be saved until, you are free.

Your battles and wars have shaped your form,

Enduring all, you dread the next storm.

Longing for peace and a time to hide,

But, storms and torments you must abide.


Hope at last, a friendly shore,

Though besieged you must, explore.

Lower your guard and finally trust,

Unburden your mind, a time to adjust.

Take tentative steps on your fragile earth,

Lose anger, anxiety, shame and low worth.

Feel the release of the crushing weight,

You now control your future fate.

Calming seas, blue skies and sun,

Your future is bright,

Your battle is won.

Sue Wood

Orbost beach, Skye SW
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Keep Safe