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The skylark has returned to the moor. His song is a wonderful reminder that Spring is here. A time to relax and enjoy the nature all around. An amazing free tonic to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

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Skylark song

The Skylark

Spring has arrived with warming air,

The rain has ceased and the sky is clear.

A gentle breeze is swirling around,

As I hear a familiar distant sound.

Relaxing now, a pleasant surprise!

The lark has returned over the rise.

This tiny brown bird, obscure to see,

Filling the air with a song, so free.

He flies up high and sings his tune,

He glides to the moor but, all too soon.

His rivals take off and are rising high,

A splendid chorus as the minutes pass by…

Sue Wood

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Timeless Shores is my new Poetry book with full colour paintings, drawings and photographs.

Full colour images

Timeless Shores is a poetic journey describing the natural beauty of the Isle of Skye, through the seasons. Each poem is enhanced with a colourful image of a painting, drawing or photograph. The poems are written in an evocative way to allow the reader to enjoy Skye’s natural wonders through verse.

Timeless Shores is currently available on Amazon in both;

Paperback and Kindle ebook

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A percentage from each book sale will be donated to mental health charities on the Isle of Skye.