This tiny celandine flower reappears every Spring. It has survived every storm, frost, gale, drought and snowstorm but, still lights up the meadow like a tiny star.

We all face this dreadful time worrying about our loved ones and wonder if life will ever return to normal.

This tiny flower shows that Nature is a great survivor and so are we.

Please take care evryone and enjoy the natural world.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

” Looking forward to all of the Spring flowers growing, the birds singing and the warm sun on my face”

Cuckoo flower
Wild parsley

Primroses in Spring

Sunshine beams amongst the shade,

Lights up the void within the glade.

Cheerful blooms yellow and bright,

Sunny bowls of golden delight.

So, stirring and inspiring to view,

Primroses glittered with morning dew.

Sue Wood