Photo by Ray Bilcliff on

   Walking through the woods on a beautiful sunny morning in Autumn, can be a breath-taking experience. The sun beams flood through the canopy, creating a glowing painting of spectacular Autumn colours. Everywhere you look, you can see an image more beautiful than the last. Tiny diamonds quiver in the breeze, as the trees lose the last of the rain drops, from their leaves. The air is full of swirling leaves, dancing around and gently floating to the ground. The floor of the wood crunches under foot as, feathery leaves are thrown up with each step.

Leaves from the Beech trees

Scattered amongst the leaves are gnawed pine cones, left by the Red squirrels, who feast on the pine nuts. There are small scrapings on the ground, where they have been burying their cache for the long Winter ahead. There are many different types of fungi growing amongst, the moss or on the tree trunks, all adding to this Autumn show. Ruby berries sparkle and reflect the suns’ rays on the Rowan tree.

Toadstool growing through the moss

Looking across the glen from the wood, a thin layer of mist slowly rises from the river and spreads across the wood. The wind has dropped and the air is still and quiet, except for the fluttering flock of Redwings searching for berries. In the distance the Red deer stags are roaring and rutting for the right to dominate the herd. An Autumn ritual which, has been performed for thousands of years.

This is a moving experience, to be totally absorbed in nature”.

Photo by Anna Zhdanko on