Atlantic Storm
by SW

A stormy evening ahead thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Dorian, blasting from the Atlantic. The weather is due to deteriorate during the early hours but, thankfully improve before dawn. I hope we don’t lose power!

I took this video from the kitchen window. This is take number two. The first attempt ended suddenly when, the wind blew the camera off the window sill.

Remnants of Hurricane Dorian

Atlantic Storm

You strafe the land with liquid brine,
Wave upon wave, time after time.
Your thunderous guns, quake the soul,
Perfecting your attack and striking role.
Your rollers crash upon the shore,
And douse the land, ‘til it cries No more!
You have no mercy for boats and trees,
Lashing their forms with swollen seas.
Man, and beast hide from your raid,
Until you ebb and your forces fade...


Photo by Tom Swinnen on