September 2019

The Plumed Spectre

Tawny Owl “A ghostly sight floats with grace, As he passes the moons shining face. This plumed spectre, silent and …

Aurora Borealis

Fantastic Aurora Borealis last night. The first one I have seen this year. A big thank you to Glendale Skye …

Celebrating Friendships

Donald was our friend and neighbour for over ten years. Sadly he is no longer with us. Donald’s House The …

Western Sunset

Western Sunset On this amazing eve with, air so still, I watch in wonder at this sight to thrill. My …

The River

The River “The bronze river flows over rises and hollows, singing forever” SuWoo “singing river”

Last Days of Summer

Red Admiral “Adorning the sky like tiny fires burning, lighting up our world” SW

Atlantic Storm

A stormy evening ahead thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Dorian, blasting from the Atlantic. The weather is due to …

Cuillin Range, Skye

“The mountains stand tall, watching the land stretching far, guarding their Kingdom”