River Roskhill, Isle of Skye

I went for a leisurely walk along the riverbank on a bright afternoon to see the Heather in full bloom. We had a heavy downpour last night and the river was quite full. The path was waterlogged and I had to criss-cross to avoid peaty mud and puddles. The Spagnum moss was bright acid green as it glistened in the fresh rain water. It is amazing to see how much water the moss absorbs. Sometimes you can step onto a mossy mound expecting it to be solid. Unfortunately, your foot can sink down to a depth of 30 centimetres or more. I was careful not to do this by walking on more solid ground.

Spagnum Moss

It was very pleasing to listen to the sound of the water as it flowed over the rocks. As I continued along the path I could see a small waterfall cascading from the higher ground. Although this is quite a small waterfall I can hear it from the house especially, after heavy rain. The water was brown and peaty with cream frothy bubbles as it poured into a deep pool.

Small waterfall cascading into the river.

The Bell Heather (Erica) was a beautiful shade of pink and gave off a wonderful perfume which, carried on the breeze. There was also Common Heather (Calluna) which, is a shade of purple. The Heather looked striking amongst the Bracken and Ferns. You can see both types of Heather growing on the rocks at the sides of the waterfall. There were several bees foraging amongst the clumps of heather, both Common Carder bees and White Tailed Bees.

Bell Heather amongst the Bracken and Ferns

As I walked back to the old gate to return home I could see hollows in the bank side where the sheep have sheltered from the adverse weather. The hollows were adorned with clumps of sheep wool.

There is a rocky crag which rises up from the river which, is covered in Ferns and Willow shrubs. This frames the river on one side creating a wonderful view.

River framed by the Crag

The Silent Pool

Cool crystal liquid of amber and gold
Collect in the river, a sight to behold.
Gurgling downhill with speedy flight,
Over rocks and rapids, frothy and white”..