We found some animal droppings on the lawn which looked like hedgehogs. I have a good mammal identifier book from the Mammal Society and it confirmed that it could only be hedgehog droppings.

I decided to create a hedgehog home today from some recycled items. I used an old plastic storage box approximately 45 cm x 30 cm. We cut a u shaped hole in the side for an entrance. I used an old sheet of plywood to make a tunnel leading to the door which, would also protect the entrance from cats and other predators.

Recycled plastic storage box, plywood and old turf

Finding a suitable site.

perfect site

I have been discarding wood cuttings, branches and garden waste under a large conifer at the bottom of the garden, for several years. The area is quiet, secluded and very sheltered. I removed some of the discarded material and placed the box, upside down in the space. I rested the piece of plywood against the side, covering the entrance. I then used some discarded sods of turf to cover the sides, plywood and the roof, for camouflage. Once these were in place I covered the whole home with twigs and small branches. It is quite difficult to see from other areas of the garden.

camouflaged hedgehog home
wildlife camera

I set up the wildlife camera on the trunk of the holly tree, to see if the hedgehog returns to the garden during the night. I intend to leave some dog food out tomorrow evening.