Shenstone Theatre Bird Bath and Drinker

I received a parcel today from the Woodland Trust which I joined three years ago. The parcel contained a large bird bath called the Shenstone Theatre bird bath and drinker and is made from recycled plastic and clay. It has steps leading into the water for birds and insect pollinators.

It has a quote around the edge which, is the first line from the poem, Leisure by William Henry Davies 1871-1940. This is a wonderful poem to make you

Take stock, slow down and enjoy the beauty around you“.

I know that I am totally happy and chilled when I spend even a few minutes enjoying the natural world.

What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare”.

W H Davies

I placed 3 pebbles in the bottom of the bird bath for bees and other insects to land on, when they need a drink. However, I am sure the steps around the edge will be sufficient for all pollinators to drink safely.

I took a video of the birdbath during a very heavy down pour today.