MacLeods Tables from Roskhill Viewpoint

I went for a short stroll up the Roskhill lane to the viewpoint. The sun decided to show his face at 6pm and the evening was bright and warm. I could smell the scent from the Meadowsweet which, grows along the grass verges. Some of the wild parsnips are over a metre tall and were covered in hover flies and red soldier beetles. I could hear the occasional bee as they foraged for nectar and pollen. amongst the Foxgloves.

As I crossed the bridge I could see a family of House Martins swooping and diving for flies. The bridge was covered in Wild Thyme in a beautiful shade of pink.

Wild Thyme

The lane continues up an incline with Willows and the occasional Rowan tree lining the sides. Once you reach the top of the lane you have a perfect view of MacLeods tables and Loch Vatten. The whole area is covered with wild flowers ; Foxgloves, Red Campion, Golden Rod, Wild Angelica and many more.

Golden Rod
Wild Angelica

If you continue along the lane towards the main road you will see a small track leading off to the left. The track leads to a bench situated in front of a Willow shrub. We placed the bench there in April to take advantage of the spectacular views.

The bench is now hidden from the road by a screen of a selection of long grasses, waving in the breeze. It is quite relaxing watching the grasses swaying in the wind.

MacLeod’s Tables

Through the Old Gate

I find a rock to sit on and rest,
And breathe sweet air as I look to the west.
I observe the mountains rising high,
Those two tables, against the sky.
A landmark for home, so big and strong,
When seeing their shapes, I know I belong”.