This huge conifer is too big for the garden

This conifer was planted when the eldest daughter started Dundee University in 2002. It was 60cm then and now it is over 4 meters and is 10.5 meters around the base. It is beginning to dominate the garden and block the view from the house. We have decided to lift up the canopy and make an extra flower bed at the base. There are 4 trunks at the base. We have used the branches to create a wildlife habitat under the willows on the nature reserve.

Huge conifer
End of day 1
Day 2
End of day 2 after a nice glass of lemonade.
End of day 3
Day 3

I am very pleased with all my hard work. This is my first attempt at tree surgery. Youtube is a wonderful resource. I plan to add compost and plants tomorrow, weather permitting.

Day 4

We added golden gravel and plants today. We need to add some edging and it will be complete.