log pile

We always like to give wildlife a helping hand in the garden. Here is an image of the log pile we placed for frogs, toads and other small creatures.

nesting box

We placed two nesting boxes in the garden in February and both were used successfully. This box in the image was used to rear a family of blue tits. The second box was used by great tits. The adults enlarged the access hole by stripping away splinters of wood. The fledglings are frequent visitors to the bird table.

One cheeky blue tit sits on the bird feeder and searches frantically for sunflower seeds. As he does this he scatters the rest of the seeds all over the ground. The robins and blackbirds take advantage of this wonderful bounty.

a cutting and waste heap under the large conifer

We pile old cuttings from trees and shrubs under the conifer at the bottom of the garden. The heap is tucked away from view and is a perfect habitat for hedgehogs. We have found hedgehog droppings on the back patio recently ( a friendly gift). We have very little trouble from slugs and snails in the garden. A perfect pest control.

Creating a Pond

first barrow load from the pond

We have started to create a wildlife pond in the garden. A robin fledgling took advantage of the free worms discovered during the excavation. Here is the first photograph. We will keep you updated on our progress. Due to the slope in the garden we needed to build a bank around the lower end of the pond. This will ensure the pond is level.

25 barrows later
30 barrows later. Putting the liner in place.
17 July 2019 Two days of heavy rain and a hosepipe attached to water butt. Pond is ready for plants and more landscaping around the edges.

I watched a famale sparrow feeding her chick on the side of the pond. She then took a drink from the water. I have a great view from the lounge window.

I have ordered some aquatic plants from a specialist nursery for the pond. There are 5 oxygenators, 1 water lily and another floral marginal plant. Looking forward to the Spring to see which creatures visit the pond.